New Drupal Modules

PayU Latam for Payment

Integrates PayU Latam with Payment module, which means that you will virtually be able to use your PayU Latam account with a lot of e-commerce modules, including Ubercart, Drupal Commerce, Basic Cart and even Webform.


This module allows modification of twig files using the Drupal GUI

Drupal App Console

The symfony console in Drupal

The idea of this project is to provide similar functionality as the Symfony console, providing a scaffolding tool to automate the creation of modules using the terminal to automatically generate the directory structure for controllers, forms, services and required files.

The DrupalAppConsole not is a competition of Drush it’s your new best friend.

D8 Architecture Initiative

This project is an attempt to document "as-is" the architecture of Drupal 8.

Architecture is a very wooly term. It really means whatever high-level documentation the architect thinks is necessary. However, Drupal has no central architect. The problem that most architects try to solve is to make sure that the individuals solving particular pieces of a problem are all trying to build a coherent result. Therefore, we will define architecture as an attempt to improve the coherency of the programming by documenting high-level conceptual changes associated with changes to the APIs. The scope of this project is to describe whatever is most useful in achieving that.

An organic architecture in a doacracy must be defined by the people who "do". Lots of things about this architecture are wrong and will stay wrong unless somebody who knows better helps to fix them :-) Please get involved.

Extra Module

This module extends it to add easy conventions and annotations in Drupal 8

Views COntent SCroll from EVerywhere

Display content on a very special way.
This module provides a views plugin to display content items form 8 different locations and 4 directions while scrolling. Can be used to display a single page or to build a whole website with multiple sections.

Sounds confusing?
check the views COSCEV basic demo that gives an out of the box overview of the module, views COSCEV advanced demo that shows the different options in action or the matrix picture supplied with the module.

VBO Browse

VBO Browse allow you to pick entities in a view and browse them with First/Previous/Next/Last links in a block.

Quick start

  1. Enable the module
  2. In Structure » Blocks, move the "VBO Browse" block in a visible region
  3. In your view, add a VBO field and select "Browse entities" action.
  4. Save the view, go to the view page, then select some entities and click on "Browse entities" button (or select it in the drop down list).
  5. You should be redirected to the first selected entity's page, and the "VBO browse" block should appear.


Content modeling, taxonomies, vocabularies, ontologies and information architecture of Africa


Content modeling, taxonomies, vocabularies, ontologies, information architecture of The Americas integrated with webAfriqa.

Semantic Africa

Content modeling, taxonomies, vocabularies, ontologies, information architecture dealing with Africa and the Diaspora

Tourism Management

Liberación de sotware libre subvencionado por el Departamento de Industria e Inn

Liberación de sotware libre subvencionado por el Departamento de Industria e Innovación del Gobierno de Aragon

Las funcionalidades básicas del módulo a desarrollar serán las siguientes:





The Moxiemanager module integrates the Moxiemanager library with Drupal. The Moxiemanager library can be used to:

* Manage your media files;
* Browse uploaded files on your webserver in file-, image- and WYSIWYG-fields;
* Supports both CKEditor and TinyMCE;
* Edit images files directly with adjustments like cropping, scaling, resizing, etc;
* And much more.

Commerce Order Reports

This sandbox module aims to provide a solid reporting system for Drupal Commerce, hoping to be a successor of Commerce Reports.

Reasoning for this module:

SMS TransmitSMS

SMS Framework gateway module for the Transmit SMS service.

This uses the TransmitSMS supplied php code as a library.

Install in the TransmitSMS Gateway module in the usual way.

You will need to install the Libraries module.

We are using this module on a couple of sites, hence this is under active development.

The code will send sms's at the moment however must be considered only dev quality, very dev if you take my point.

State Flow Collection

The State Flow Collection module integrates the Collection module with State Flow module from the State Machine project.

It allows administrators to manage states of collections and all content associated with them.

The module is still under development, so don't expect it to fully work as it is.

Development of State Flow Collection is sponsored by Taller.

Date Formats

Screen shot of field format

This is a simple module that implements a field format for the datetime field type.

It currently displays the date as an age in the following format "Age = nn" where nn is derived from the datetime field.

In the future this module will support multiple field formats for datetime where there is a need to calculate a value based on one or more date fields, such as:

Librivox Search

I intend to create a module that displays search results of free audio books from using Librivox API and ajax. Wish me luck.


Allows D7 modules to use D8-style YAML configuration as replacements for variable_get() and variable_set(). Assumes that Symfony YAML is installed and autoloaded.