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Taxonomy Sort




CKEditor Exclude

Disable CKEditor for certain forms.


1. Goto edit Global CKEditor Profile — admin/config/content/ckeditor/editg
2. Add in Exclude settings form id and input name in format: form_id|input_name. Example — disable CKEditor in Page Body field: page_node_form|body[und][0][value]


This module will help you generate the "Google Product Listing Ads" feed file. By the way, "Google Product Listing Ads" is the same thing as "Google Shopping".

This is module brings multifold benefits. Many "Shopping Engines" will give support for the "Google Product Listing Ads" feed file so you will be able to listing your products with them as well.

Multipage Navigation

Screenshot of Navigation block
Screenshot of Navigation block

Smart Paging sub-module that provides navigation blocks with links for multipaged content.

OSM Route

OSM Route administration interface

OSM Route OSM routes enables routing calculation from a list of georeferenced entities using

The typical scenario of usage is filling the path of a itinerary node containing a list of POIs.
The result is written on the desired field and could be used to display the retrieved path as a map layer.


Meeting Manager

Meeting Manager is a project to manage meetings into a organization.

This projects allow you store information about:

  • Resources
  • Members
  • Dates
  • Documents
  • Email notifications

Is based in the use of entities.

Facet api compact filter

This module gives you the ability to control facet API filters in a compact block.

You can:

  • Choose the filters that you want in the block
  • Choose a widget type for the filters
  • Set the soft limit

This module is dependent on FacetAPI

This module is sponsored and developed by Vardot.


AT Blocks

This is a real simple module that provides Drupal core page elements as block. The code follows as closely as possible the core patches for site and page elements (this module does not include the conversion of main and secondary menus to blocks).

The module also includes some template suggestions that may or may not be moved to Adaptivetheme after the core patches are committed, we just have to see how this pans out.

jQuery Bxslider

This module to use the bxslider jQuery plugin. It is provide the option in the views display setting.
It’s also a responsive slider.


• Built-in Views support.
• Responsive slider
• Responsive Carousel
• Control options

Required modules


Rental Inventory

Rental inventory categorization.


This is a module which provide a queue for your node. Along with some other functions, such as views' plugin management interface and so on.



The Qubit module for Drupal aims to provide an easy to manage interface and API for enabling Qubit OpenTag enterprise tag management on Drupal powered web sites.

Development sponsored by PEAK Adventure Travel.


Prerender, prefetch, dns-prefetch, helper with visitor flow knowledge provided by Google Analytics.

New Relic Drush plugin

This plugin reports all drush commands as background jobs to new relic, it has build in support for barracuda/octopus but works without it as well. All drush commands and arguments are reported excluding all options.

Localization update configuration


This module allows you to choose default localization server for the Localization Update module (

Now you can choose from 3 servers


Go to admin/config/regional/language/update
Select default localization server.

This will change variables: l10n_update_default_server, l10n_update_default_server_url, l10n_update_default_update_url

Publication Agreement

Publication Agreement:  A Terms and Conditions example page.
Publication Agreement:  Module settings page.

Agreement prior to publication.

This simple module allows you to present a text-based agreement that users of a particular role must accept before they are allowed to access for adding a new node.

Commerce Barcode Scanner

Commerce Barcode Scanner integrates rules with the act of scanning a products barcode. Once a barcode has been scanned, the corresponding product and product display are loaded as context to the barcode scan event.

This can streamline content administration workflows for users with a barcode scanner attached to their computer.


By default this module is packaged with 4 rules which react to a product being scanned:

  • Redirect to Product Display
  • Add Product to Cart
  • Edit Product
  • Edit Product Display


This module has two assignable permissions:

Field Encoding

This module make integration video with API, only upload video this module send the video render of encoding.

Context HTML Head

This is a context reaction plugin that modifies the HTML head array to add / alter elements.